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The Birthday Thread!

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The Birthday Thread! Empty The Birthday Thread!

Post by You Know Who I Am on Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:13 am

Yay, birthdays!

Today is Rocker's birthday~ I want to wish her a super awesome day, starting with lots of non-Batterwitch cake:
The Birthday Thread! Zzzzzz10
(And a little Zillyhoo. Don't forget the Zillyhoo.)

You're probably my best friend in all of paradox space. We've gotten through some shit together and we'll get through more shit together. But today's your birthday, so no one's allowed to give you any schist-
The Birthday Thread! Zzzzz10
(I mean, uh... Yeah.)

Oh, what's this? My phone is ringing.
The Birthday Thread! Zzzz10
(Heh, bananaphones are always funny.)

Equius is calling, and he commands you to have the best birthday ever.
So here's to you being a year older:
The Birthday Thread! Zzz10

And happy birthday from your moirail-
The Birthday Thread! Zz10
(And certainly everyone else.)
You Know Who I Am
You Know Who I Am

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The Birthday Thread! Empty Re: The Birthday Thread!

Post by Rocker on Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:30 pm

So. Today is a special day. No I'm not talking about thanksgiving. Even though it's that too...

The Birthday Thread! 882975d1353570961-wruw-11-22-2012-happy-turkey-day-what_confused_turkey_poster-r0c5f2b7d070c4af7bc6ef87bb2e9a05e_bwj_400
No. I'm talking about Windy's wriggling day.--- ER I mean birthday.

The Birthday Thread! Happy_wriggling_day_by_loonytwin-d42f8he

But seriously. We're talking about a very wonderful person who always makes me feel better... And brightens my day, just by being alive.

And also. The Sollux to My Karkat<3The Birthday Thread! Solkat_by_artisticallyderpy-d5xv1vy
So happy birthday! Have some lies, and some Turkey, and have a great day!The Birthday Thread! Spinning_hetalia_cake_by_krallecakes-d2z8aey
(You gave me a Homestuck cake, so I gave you a Hetalia one.<3)

Let me entertain you.....
The Birthday Thread! Anime_Girl_-_Headphones_maximum_beat

Let me make you smile.


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